Andrew and Sue met in France in 1996 while they were both signed on as crew for the delivery of a catamaran from France to Texas. The following year they set sail on their own boat from Waukegan, IL and sailed out of the Great Lakes, down the St Lawrence River and on to England, which is Sue's home country.

Over the next five years they sailed to Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Caribbean, back to England via Bermuda, etc.

After five years of sailing and a couple of months visiting family, they bought a house in Asheville. Sue started making chocolates at home and decided she wanted to do more. In 2005 they opened the shop in Black Mountain, NC. You will find them both in the shop early in the mornings, making chocolates.

After 6 years in Black Mountain we have moved to downtown Asheville with a bigger beautiful space and even more chocolatey stuff.  Please come see us at 25 Braodeway, Asheville.

Delicious ChocGems,
Thank You Thank You Thank You! I am NEVER dissapointed when I get my chocolates from you. Each chocolate is magnificent, I can never taste another truffle from anywhere else that will compare to the excelence and magnificence of your chocolates.

Thank you for the quick delivery. My husband ordered from you last night, and they were here this morning!
What ever magic you do to make these, please never change. I am and always will be a life long fan and customer, of Chocolate Gems. Since experiencing your chocolates three years ago nothing else has compared.
Many Yummy Thanks, April

Ms. Chisholm,
Thank you. I wish I had more time to visit with you last week when I was
in your shop. The truffles you sold me were magnificent. The one with
the fruity accents was especially delicious. I hope to be able to visit
you again at some point in the future. I have bookmarked your website.

05/05/2008 We explored Black Mountain and discovered a fantastic chocolate shop. I love chocolate, especially the good stuff. They make truffles with questionable combinations and delectable results...
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12/17/2008 Everything is made on the premises, in small batches, using the finest European chocolate. If you are looking for traditional truffles and barks, you will find them at Chocolate Gems, as well as the not so traditional flavors.
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Barry Callenoput, “ Chocophilia

Official website of Barry Callebout, producer of high quality cocoa and chocolate.

Merry Wine Market
Nothing goes with our delicious chocolates like a good bottle of wine.