Enjoy our Truffles & Ganache in a range of delicious white, milk and dark chocolates, both traditional and the unusual.

$1.95 each or 15 for $29.95 select any combination of our delicious chocolate truffles and ganache to create your own personal sampler.

Our Single Origin Truffles feature unqiue chocolate flavors from exotic locations around the globe.

These truffles are made using Chocolate from a specific region of the world. Compare flavors from Mexico, Ghana, Africa, and Ecuador, only $2.05 each.

For the Caramel Lover we have several varieties of Caramel Chocolates.

A variety of incredible Caramel Chocolates for only $8.00 per 1/4 pound. Come in and see for yourself.

You'll love our Chocolate Bark. Discover white, milk and dark chocolate with all kinds of fruits, nuts and other things to make you feel good.

$4.25 per 1/4 pound our Chocolate Bark will keep you coming back for more!

Looking for something special? Discover Edible Chocolate Boxes to hold your own gift, or more delicious chocolates.

Surprise your significant other with one of these magnificent Chocolate Boxes for only $18.95. Many different styles and flavors available.

Delicious solid chocolate cakes for all kinds of occasions.

Available on request, we are always happy to create the perfect solid chocolate cake for any memorable occasion. Ask about our Chocolate Wedding Packages and Bridal Shower Chocolates.

Specializing in One-of-a-Kind Chocolate Sculptures. Inquire for unique chocolate sculpture opportunities.

From small 3-D Chocolate Animals to Life Size Chocolate Butlers we are not afraid to transform your Chocolate Fantasy in to Chocolate Reality.

We also have an assortment of Seasonal Chocolates...

Stop by for a visit and have a taste for yourself. Soon you'll discover why we are the #1 Chocolatiers in WNC.

Find the perfect Chocolate....
We have something sweet for everyone!

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