Wine and chocolates are a great combination and while there are no exact "rules" about what each person will like, there are some rules of thumb.

White wines generally pair better with milk chocolates and red wines pair better with dark chocolate.

Some of our personal favorites are Cardamom ganache with a beefy red wine, Star of the East ganache with a white wine, and Champagne ganache with, what else but champagne.

We use the finest Belgian Chocolate for everything in the shop. While we use one white and one milk chocolate we currently use eight different dark chocolates. The "standard" dark chocolate is the semisweet chocolate. It is a 54% cocoa content with a nice balanced chocolate flavour that is sweet enough for most people. It is used in truffles, bark, sculptures, and decorative pieces.

The bittersweet chocolate is a 60% cocoa content that tastes significantly stronger then the semisweet and is used in many of our dark chocolate truffles and the "nibby" bark.

The extra bittersweet chocolate is a 70% cocoa content, and definitely for the dark chocolate lovers. It has a smooth rich flavour without the harshness found in a lot of dark chocolates. It is used in the Extra Bittersweet Truffle, in firecrackers, and to coat many other dark chocolate truffles.

Our other dark chocolates are single origin chocolates. A single origin chocolate is one made from cocoa from a specific region instead of a blend from various locations. This gives the chocolate distinctive flavours that vary by location and even from year to year. We have single origin chocolates from Ghana, Alto el Sol (a plantation in Peru), Mexico, Sao Thome, Ecuador, and one made with cocoa from Tanzania, Sao Tome' and Ghana. The cocoa % ranges from 60% to 81%. They are all fantastic and each just a bit different.