Dark and darker chocolate truffles to savour - Featuring unqiue chocolate flavors from exotic locations around the globe.

Kumabo Truffle
An 81% African chocolate with
a hint of fruit and earthiness.
The truffle is topped with pink dots.
Ecuadorian Truffle
A 70% dark, but mild chocolate from
Equador with a hint of berries.
This truffle is topped with red dots.
Black Mountain Truffle
A 70% chocolate made locaally by Black Mountain Chocolate.
The truffle is topped with orange dots

Alto el Sol Truffle
A 65% chocolate made from the 2006 harvest from
one specific plantation in Peru. The chocolate has
unique and fruity flavor unlike anythign else.
The truffle is topped with white dots.
Ghana Truffle
A dark chocolate from Ghana
made from a strong cocoa
with a hint of fruitiness and spices.
The truffle is topped with green dots.