Enjoy Truffles & Ganache in a range of delicious white, milk and dark chocolates, both traditional and the unusual.

Ancho & Chipotle Truffle
A dark spicy truffle with a smoky finish.
Topped witha purple teadrop.
Bittersweet Orange Truffle
A bittersweet chocolate truffle
laced with Cointreau, Topped
with crystallized orange peel.

Cappucino Truffle
A dark cappucino coffee truffle, dipped in white chocolate. Sprinkled with cinnamon.
Cayenne Truffle
A dark spicy truffle that bites back.
Topped with a red tear drop.
Chocolate Margarita Truffle
A classic margarita, paired with a dark
chocolate truffle. Sprinkled with Kosher salt.

Coconut Truffle
A white or dark chocolate and coconut
truffle, dipped in dark chocolate.
Topped with toasted coconut.
Coffee Caramel Truffle
A milk chocolate and coffee truffle,
covered in dark chocolate. Topped
with shavings of milk chocolate
Espresso Truffle
A dark chocolate and espresso coffee
truffle, dipped in dark chocolate.
Sprinkled with cocoa powder

Extra Bittersweet Truffle
A very dark bittersweet chocolate truffle, topped with a "Chocolate Gems" wafer.
Hazelnut Praline Ganache
A smooth blend of chocolates over a layer of hazelnut praline. Topped with praline pieces.
Honey Truffle
A sweet honey truffle, dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with white chocolate flakes.

Lavender Truffle
A smooth creamy truffle made with a
blend of chocolates and real lavender,
covered in milk chocolate. Topped with
a crystalized lavender flower.
Lime Truffle
A white chocolate and lime truffle covered in white chocolate.Topped with two raised lines.
Mae's Truffle
A bittersweet truffle infused with earl grey tea, covered in a bittersweet chocolate.
Topped with 24k gold.

Mexican Truffle
A bittersweet chocolate truffle with
flavors of Mexican drinking chocolate,
decorated with cocoa nibs
Milk Chocolate Truffle
A milk chocolate truffle, covered in milk chocolate. Decorated with two raised lines.
Orient Ganache
A chocolate ganache made with a blend
of chocolates, and flavored with
green tea and fresh mint leaves.
Decorated with a green and white plaid.

Peanut Butter Truffle
A mix of milk chocolate and crunchy
peanut butter, dipped in milk chocolate.
Decorated with milk chocolate lines.
(Also Available in Dark Chocolate)

Pistachio Ganache
A dark chocolate ganache tops a layer of pistachio marzipan. Topped with green dots.

Semi-Sweet Truffle
A semi-sweet chocolate truffle,
dipped in more semi-sweet chocolate..
Simple and delicious. Topped with two raised lines.
Raspberry Truffle
A rich dark chocolate truffle flavored with raspberries and covered in rich dark chocolate. Finished with pink stripes.